Hannah Louise Lamb

Why Fairmined Metal Matters

Martha MogerComment

Today I want to tell you all about Fairmined metal, which I’m so excited to have started using in my current collections. 

As an independent designer and maker, I absolutely believe in supporting small-scale business whenever I can, so the opportunity to make a positive difference with my choice of raw materials felt like a great one. It’s good to be able to take pride in the materials you use, and Fairmined is giving jewellers and makers the chance to do exactly that. 

Just to give you an overview of what Fairmined really stands for, it’s a mark to show that small-scale organisations mining metals are responsible across a huge range of areas. 

They need to meet rigorous standards in terms of worker’s health and safety, environmental impact, child labour and gender equality. They must not have any involvement with conflict situations, actively protect water supplies, promote wellbeing and health and safety for workers. There’s a rigorous process in place to make sure that the mines meet these standards and an audit system that needs up to 24 months of intensive support to help the mines get to the level they need to be. 


Apart from the obviously positive benefits of the mark on the environment, I love what it’s doing to lift artisan, small-scale producers out of poverty. Fairmined only works with small, entrepreneurial mining organisations who have already shown their commitment and passion for responsible mining. It’s not a charity - far from it. Fairmined is actually a fantastic market opportunity with the potential to transform lives for the better and leave a dramatic and lasting legacy for generations to come. 

From a design point of view, I love that using this kind of certified metal gives us all chance to be part of an incredible, global story. Awareness of some of the problems caused by mining has increased, and rightly so. That’s why it’s fantastic to be involved with something that’s such a powerful force for good. 

I’d love to be able to connect you to the artisans and makers who are sourcing the metal too, so do have a look at some of the stories on their pages here

Currently you can order several of my rings in Fairmined metal here. If you’d like to create your own bespoke piece, marrying your own personal story with one from a fair mine across the globe, then just send me an email