Hannah Louise Lamb

Bespoke Jewellery Behind the Scenes

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Honestly, I can’t imagine life without being near the sea. I grew up in Cornwall and have such happy memories of that time. Now I’ve moved to the other end of the country to be near the coast of Scotland so that my own kids can have the same experience.

If you'd like to know what a day in the life of a bespoke jewellery business looks like, read on….


6am Someone’s awake… it’s either the dog or the baby.

6.30am And we’re up and at it! Time for a cuppa and that first breath of sea air in the garden. A quick glance at the phone tells me there are bespoke jewellery orders waiting that have come in overnight. Can’t wait to see what I’m going to be making… 

9am The kids are safely installed at the childminder's and school, so I head for the “shedio” at the end of my garden. Inside this glorified shed, packed with silversmithing tools, bits of silver and endless notes and sketches on paper scraps, is where the magic happens. I ignore the huge pile of laundry as I spring out of the back door…

12pm My brilliant colleague Kathryn and I have spent the morning soldering, polishing and filing. Coastline orders for bespoke jewellery are so diverse. I’ve been asked to represent everywhere from Brighton to Skiathos and I never get tired of making beautiful things that mean so much to people. Pause for a very quick sandwich, then back to work. 


3pm The task lamp’s broken and my email’s having a fit, but it doesn’t stop us packing up the day’s orders to ship out. We wrap each piece carefully and put it into a gorgeous box, then there’s a quick pit stop for coffee on the way to the post office. Luckily the route to the post office also takes in the beach, which looks beautiful even on a rainy day. 

4pm Children are back in the mix. I graciously admit defeat for the time being and slope back to the house to rustle up something for tea. 

8pm Peace and quiet at last and a chance to work on new ideas. I spend some time poring over vintage maps for orders before firing off a few emails and signing off for the night. 

We’ll do it all again tomorrow!

If you'd like to talk about your own bespoke jewellery order I'd love to hear from you. Or for any questions, just contact me here