Hannah Louise Lamb

How long does the coastline need to be?

It can be 1 mile or 100 miles, or anything in between. If you tell Hannah the place most important to you she can send you a mock up of the map before you order. Sometimes it works better to zoom right in and sometimes it works better to take in a longer stretch of coast. If you are unsure then Hannah will work with you to create the perfect map and will confirm all the details before you order.

Please note that delivery times are calculated from the date you agree the section of coastline you wish to use. Standard delivery times are approximately six weeks but maybe longer for some orders.


Do I need to send you a map?

No. Hannah uses several different maps to find the best one for your stretch of coastline. Just tell her the place name, or a stretch between two points and she will find a map for the area.


Can I give you a photo of my favourite skyline view to work from?

Yes of course, just email it over and Hannah will turn it into a workable silhouette for you to check before ordering.


How do I get the right ring size?

If you do not know the ring size you need, Hannah can send you a ring size guide by email, and this works perfectly if you have a ring of the same width, and that fits the same finger that you intend the coast ring for. An alternative is to pop to a friendly jeweller’s shop and ask them to measure your finger. Another way is to buy a cheap costume ring for a few pounds and send it to Hannah to be measured. When choosing the correct ring size to order, please take into account the coast ring’s width, as half a size up may be needed to allow for the wide ring sliding over the knuckle. If you have any questions, contact Hannah for further assistance.


I ordered the wrong size, can you resize my coast ring?

My rings are very tricky to resize because of the two part design, so it's best to get it right first time if we can. If there has been an error in the size ordered there is a resizing charge of £25 (£35 if the ring includes a stone). You can send the ring back to Hannah with a note of the correct size (remember to be professionally measured for a WIDE flat band ring), your return address, and a cheque payable to Hannah Louise Lamb Ltd.


My finger size is very large, will I have to pay extra?

If you have an unusually large (or small) finger size, I may need to adjust the price slightly, particularly on gold rings.  I'm sure you can appreciate that there is a lot more gold in a size Z ring than a size K, and with the price of gold fluctuating my prices are based on an average finger size. Any questions please do get in touch.


Can you recycle my old gold?

Yes absolutely. The final price is dependent on whether you have enough gold for the whole ring, or just a contribution towards it, but Hannah will let you know full costings before starting. It can save you money and is a lovely sentimental thing to do with heirloom jewellery. As a guideline if you had enough gold for the whole ring it’s a flat charge of £450.


Are your rings in two pieces?

Yes they are two separate pieces, the land and the sea (or the land and the sky). Assuming the ring is the right size and fits perfectly then it sits snugly on the finger and the two halves don’t come apart when being worn. If you wanted the two halves permanently joined then I can do this by special request by sending it off to be laser welded - just contact Hannah for details and any additional cost.


What metal choices are there?

You can have: Silver, 9ct White Gold, 9ct Yellow Gold, 18ct White Gold, 18ct Yellow Gold, Palladium or Platinum. You can also have half yellow gold and half white gold.


Can I have a ring in half silver and half gold?

Unfortunately not. Both halves of the ring need to be the same type and carat of metal, so if you would like a two colour ring it needs to be white gold and yellow gold, rather than silver and gold.


How long does it take to receive my order?

As a general rule around 2-3 weeks for silver, 4 weeks for gold, 6 weeks for two tone gold, palladium or platinum, once the coastline has been agreed. If you have a query about delivery times for your selected product please contact Hannah to discuss.


How will my jewellery come packaged?:

All pieces are beautifully packaged in a matt black jewellery box tied with ribbon and ready to give as a gift, apart from small stud earrings which come in a lovely handmade paper pouch tied with ribbon.


It’s for a surprise present and I don’t know the ring size, what can I do?

This is can be a problem as my rings are quite tricky to re-size because of the two part design. If the recipient has a ring that fits them on the same finger you intend the new ring for, then you could temporarily borrow it and take it to a jewellers and ask them to measure it for you. Or, if you can borrow it for slightly longer, you can send it to Hannah to have it measured.


It’s for a Christmas present, when should I be ordering to guarantee delivery in time?

Hannah’s last order dates for Christmas delivery are in early December. Things do get very hectic and busy from early November onwards, so the earlier the better!